Heal your knees to walk through with confidence

Above 50 years of age and struggling from the nagging knee pain? Well, you are not on your own. In UK, out of each and every five adults above 50 years, one is struggling from osteoarthritic knee discomfort. There may be a number of factors for knee pain. It could be a past damage. Numerous […]

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A brief History of Soda Popsoft Drinks

As early as 1770, equipment was invented by a chemist (Bergman) and a scientist (Priestly) which saturated water with carbon dioxide. The result was called ‘soda water'; a term coined in 1798, regardless of the fact that the beverage was sans soda. It was marketed as mineral water and it’s benefits were glorified. It was […]

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Beer Review Carlsberg Special Brew

Preferred tipple of the downtrodden…or, more accurately, the down-and-out Carlsberg Special Brew has got a bit of a reputation. Nowadays, Buckie seems to be the choice of the young juice-head, and CSB is seen as more of an old dosser’s drink. Is this fair? Probably. It’s not a drink I would normally put anywhere near […]

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