Best Coffee Brands

Nothing is better than a glass of warm coffee accompanied with sweet cookies in these cold winter nights. The smell, the aroma and the joy of drinking delicious coffee is worth everything. There are many coffee types you can find around. The coffee types usually differ from each other by the country they are being produced in, the height that the coffee trees are planted and the characteristics of the soil. Central American coffee is very suitable to drink in the morning but on the other side, African coffee is too strong to drink in the morning. But of course if you want jump-start your day; a cup of African coffee will do wonders.

I have tasted many coffee types under different brands brewed in very different styles but only some brands impressed me so far. I admit what Starbucks and other coffeehouse chains have done for the coffee industry but unfortunately, the coffee of this kind of coffeehouse chains taste very artificial. The kinds of coffee that they offer are very commercial and not suitable for die hard coffee fans. As a coffee addict, I will try to list the best coffee brand I ever tasted here.

Café Rey is from Costa Rica and is not very well known around the world. You can order Café Rey coffee from their website which is or some other shopping websites including eBay. Their coffee is very fresh and when you open the package you can definitely notice that. This brand is not like other brands that make their coffee stay in the bag for many years. Café Rey offers a wide variety of coffee types but my favorite ones are Café Rey Tradicional Red and Tarrazu. These two types have a very smooth aroma, taste very well and smell amazing. Once you had your breakfast with a fresh brewed Café Rey coffee, you definitely will know what real coffee tastes like. Coffee prepared with coffee machines somehow do not taste as good as coffee brewed with a chorreador and you can buy one from the Café Rey website. I am not a Costa Rican but I definitely know that the Costa Ricans are one of the finest in the coffee business.

Since we started mentioning Costa Ricans, it would be unfair not to write about my second favorite coffee brand, Café Britt. Not only its coffee taste great, Café Britt also offers delicious chocolates, chocolate covered nuts and cookies. The company has a very nice website where you can buy their products or you can call them from 1-800-GO-BRITT. If you join their newsletter, they will send emails with great offers. You can order your coffee as ground or beans which I love about this company. If you like strong coffee, I would advise to buy their Costa Rica Dark Roast Coffee but if you are looking for a smoother coffee, Tarrazu Montecielo and Poas Volcanic Earth Coffee are very suitable for you. Poas Volcanic Earth Coffee has a distinct taste because of the coffee trees being raised on slopes of Poas Volcano.    

Tchibo is a German coffee shop chain brand and I can say that they offer the best coffee amongst the other coffeehouse chains. I have only tasted their Brazil Mild and Guatemala Medium. Brazil Mild is a little bit stronger than the Guatemala Mild but there is actually not much difference between them.

Another good coffee brand from Germany is Jacobs. When I cannot find coffee produced by the brands that I listed above, I buy Jacobs coffee. Jacobs’ coffee is not fantastic but at least it will save the day and it is a lot better than most of the other coffee brands. I have seen only two types of coffee of this brand in the shops, red (Monarch) and green (Kronung). It is kind of hard to find Tchibo and Jacobs products in the U.S. but I have found a great website where you can find both of the brands’ coffees,

I hope you can taste and like the coffee of these brands. Since we talked too much of coffee right now, I better go and brew myself some coffee. 

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Biscuit Mix Ideas

What could be better than home-baked biscuits? Because so many of us are crunched for time, however, it is difficult to find the opportunity to bake biscuits from scratch. For this reason, most of us turn to easy-to-make boxed biscuit mixes, which will give you that home-baked taste without all of the mess and effort! However, it is still easy to add your own personal touch to basic biscuit mixes – all you have to do is get a little bit creative and be willing to experiment. Here are a few suggestions for great ingredient additions to basic boxed biscuit mixes:

Create delicious cheese biscuits by adding a bit of grated cheese into the mix. Try cheddar cheese for a basic, hearty option, or lighter cheeses like parmesan reggiano, gruyere, Swiss, and mozzarella to create a lighter, slightly sweeter biscuit.

-Herbs and Spices-
Adding some spices to your biscuit mix is a great way to add flavor with ease. Choose from things you probably already have in your kitchen – such as thyme, rosemary, garlic, basil, parsley, or herbes de Provence – or get a little bit exotic by using spices like curry powder, cayenne pepper, peri-peri, or ginger to add a touch of world cuisine.

-Sweeten the Deal-
Take simple buttermilk biscuits to a sweeter level by adding a little sugar or brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, or confectioner’s sugar to the mix. It will work surprisingly well along with the buttermilk mix! Depending on how much you add, you may need to add a dash more milk in order to balance out the mixture.

A great way to make biscuits a little bit healthier and heartier is to add some diced vegetables to the mix! Peppers are a particularly good choice, as the colors look beautiful and the peppers add a nice zest to the biscuits. Pureed vegetables also taste delicious, such as pureed sweet potatoes or pumpkin.

You will be your husband’s hero when you add a little meat to those flaky buttermilk biscuits! Simply add a little crumbled bacon, salami, or pepperoni into the mix before baking to add a delicious, hearty flavor to the biscuits. For a more gourmet touch, meats such as prosciutto, smoked or honey-cured ham, or pancetta will add a slightly more elegant taste to your biscuits. Meaty buttermilk biscuits taste incredible with a little butter, or you can really go all out and use them for sandwiches! 

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Best Websites to Find Coupons for Dining out

Dining out is not always cheap.  In this day and age average people need to do everything they can to make a buck stretch a little further.  One way to do this is by dining out and using coupons.  Coupons can often give deep discounts on affordable meals.  But what are the best websites to find coupons for dining out?

Entertainment Book

Entertainments books are much more than just dining coupons, though that is often about 40% of the available coupons.  Entertainment book also offers coupons on travel, movie tickets, some service professionals, hotels and a lot more.  Many of the deal are very nice.  Often they have a 2 for 1 and 50% off meal deals.  You get a bound paper copy sent to your home for the area you live in, but there are additional deals to be found online as well as coupons for almost any area around a major city.  It covers most major city areas in the United States and Canada.

Deal Locker

Deal Locker is another multi-purpose coupon site.  It has coupons for retail stores, online stores and of course some good restaurants.  All of the coupons are free and no subscription is needed, but some have time limits so it is important to search the site every so often to find the great deals.

Go to your favorite restaurants website

What better place to find a coupon for the restaurant you desire to eat at than their own website.  Often they will have deals and coupon advertising to entice people to come visit the restaurant.  If you are planning on going there anyway always check online first and see if you get “lucky”  Often you will.  Almost all chain restaurants and even many local only restaurants will offer coupons as an enticement, so make sure to take them up on it when dining out. provides localized listings of participating restaurants.  They can give you menus and reviews and offer deals that provide, “diners with great value in a fun, new and cost effective way”.  They have gift certificates that can be purchased online that save you money at these restaurants. Basically they work just like a coupon, with no restrictions on what you can order.

Finding the best websites to find coupons for dining out is not that difficult.  The money saved for one night out is a nice little savings, but when you take the amount that you will be saving over time, it can become quite significant.  Next time you eat out, save a few bucks at your favorite restaurant by getting coupons online first!

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Beer Reviews Spire Britannia Cream Ale

I like trying new beers! That goes without saying but, more importantly, I like trying beers from local breweries. This is not always as easy as it sounds most local pubs are tied to national breweries or pub companies and are often not allowed to stock locally produced products. So, when a new local free house opened with a free rein to stock whatever beers it chooses I was really pleased. This new pub was also leased by the people who run one of my local breweries, so there was also the chance to regularly get some of their beers. So, we duly got the bus over to see what was on offer over the Bank Holiday weekend. This is when we came to be drinking Britannia Cream Ale in the Britannia, Tupton!


Spire Brewery was officially opened by the mayor of Chesterfield in April 2006. It is based on a new industrial estate in Staveley, near Chesterfield, Derbyshire. The brewery is located in two adjacent industrial units in Staveley, near Chesterfield. The brewhouse is in one unit, and the other houses a fermenting room, a chilled conditioning area and a small bar. Spire brew a range of interesting beers and, in a short time, have already begun to win awards and be recognized for their quality and range.

Some of the beers you will come across (especially if you join me for a pint at the Britannia) are Sgt. Pepper Stout (a wonderful full bodied stout made with ground pepper at 5.5% ABV), Land of Hop and Glory (a golden hoppy beer at 4.5% ABV) and Nocturne Porter (a smooth coffee flavoured porter at 5.7% ABV).

As well as at the Britannia you can find their beers at a number of pubs, especially in the Derbyshire, Yorkshire and Staffordshire areas, bottled direct from the brewery (see website below for details) and at beer festivals nationwide. Look out for them in free houses and at pubs that are members of the SIBA (Small Independent Brewers Association) scheme.


*A Bit of Background*

The three people who run Spire Brewery all have musical backgrounds so most of their beers have a musically themed name. For example, you can have a pint of Sgt. Pepper Stout, Ruby Tuesday Mild, Overture and Whiter Shade of Pale. Britannia Cream Ale, however, takes its inspiration from a steam train. The beer was first brewed for the Barrow Hill Rail Ale Festival, where Britannia was the name of the train that the beer stillage was placed against. When they saw a pub called The Britannia up for lease a while later that was just a happy coincidence! It is also good that there is also the musical connection with the song Rule Britannia!

*Vital Stats*

Britannia Cream Ale weighs in at 6.4% ABV and is brewed in the style of a strong IPA with the addition of German Tettnang hops to add a German twist to the recipe! For those who aren’t sure, an IPA (which stands for India Pale Ale) is traditionally the hoppiest of the pale beer styles, brewed for export to the colonies, especially India. They were brewed to be stronger and have large amounts of hops to preserve them to survive the lengthy ocean journey from the U.K.

*Look, Aroma and Texture*

Britannia Cream is an amber gold coloured beer with a long lasting off-white head. Aroma is quite malty, with a decent amount of fruit (mainly oranges) and a hint of spice and a floral tinge. Texture is quite syrupy, smooth and full-bodied. It smells and tastes strong, it is honest about its strength and has a nice creamy mouthfeel.

*Tange’s Taste Test*

Taste wise, Britannia Cream is a strong pale ale. Predominant flavours are bitter hops, smooth roasted malt and an orange fruit flavour a little like a good bitter marmalade. This is also combined with a slight spiciness and a good dash of dark vine fruit reminiscent of the alcohol hit you get from a wine. This leads to a warming yet dry finish and aftertaste that is bitter/sweet and quite long lived.


For a beer this strong Britannia is dangerously drinkable! It is certainly strong and you can definitely tell after a couple of pints that you really shouldn’t have any more. It is really tasty though and full of complex layers of flavours that blend well to produce a classy beer. The fruit and spice flavours work really well with a bitter hops and roasty malt. It is a nice consistency and has a good mouthfeel and the creamy smoothness prevents the syrupy element becoming sickly and cloying. It is a well crafted example of a strong IPA, but it is also that little bit different too.

I had my last pint of BCA at the Britannia in Tupton where it cost me 2.40 a pint. I have also tried it in bottles and it gets more flavoursome (and perhaps stronger) with age, if the bottle lasts that long! It is a really nice beer, but not one to drink for a whole night. Perhaps end with one as a nightcap. The warming flavour makes it a nice winter ale; as does the orange and spice taste. Pretty Christmassy!

If your local doesn’t stock it, ask them to give it a go. Supporting small local businesses is a great idea and will encourage drinkers to try new things. As long as you remember to treat this beer with the respect it deserves, and bear it mind that it IS a stronger beer than most beers you will see on a British pub bar, you will love BCA and find it a pleasant and tasty drink. It goes down well and is surprisingly easy to drink!


Spire Brewery
Unit 2-3, Gisborne Close
Ireland Business Park
S43 3JT

Tel: 01246 476005
Mobile: 07904 638 550

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Beer Reviews Leffe Blonde

In my explorations of the world’s ales and lagers, my palate tends towards the European models. I like bitters and brown ales from England and the pilsners of Bavaria and the Czech Republic. In colder months I veer towards Irish and Imperial stouts, barley wines, and good malty doppelbocks. But when it comes to the ales of Belgium, I sometimes feel a little intimidated. Belgian ales are considered to be amongst the finest in the world, but they are also the most complex and unconventional. Those boys just don’t play by everyone else’s rules.

So it was with some trepidation that I picked up a bottle of Leffe blonde abbey style ale at the liquor store. Leffe abbey a long and complex history in Belgium starting in the mid 1100s. Over the centuries the abbey has faced challenges ranging from plague to two world wars. The abbey also changed hands over time and between the WWI and then WWII were almost forced to abandon the abbey for good. It was in 1952 the abbey decided to start brewing in response to the challenge of financial difficulties, starting with leffe dark.

Today, Abbaye de Leffe makes 5 ales of varying styles and strengths. Leffe is crystal clear and golden in color. Light carbonation supports a fluffy white head. Leffe’s nose is enticingly complex. The aromas of honey, cloves, and horse blankets are so harmoniously balanced it’s hard to separate them out. Beneath all that, the hops manifest themselves in the aroma of fresh cut hay. I couldn’t detect any significant malt aroma, but that is appropriate for the style. Besides, any more aromas would have clouded the beer’s nose.

Medium bodied ale with a smooth center and the light spritzy carbonation I would expect from a good Belgian ale. Flavors follow what’s in the nose with the horse leather and a hint of caramel sweetness dominating the center. Sweetness and leather lead into a lingering dry finish. Bitterness is subdued, not interfering with the beer’s dry finish.

Overall, I like Leffe blonde as an example of the Belgian abbey style ale. I’ve been a fan of this ale for a few years now and always turn to it when I’m in the mood for something complex and still drinkable. Fair warning, though. If you’ve never tried Belgian ales before, Leffe does boast a certain level of complexity that the average ale or lager drinker may not expect from such a light colored ale. But Leffe carries its complexity well and makes for a rewarding ale. All in all, I think Leffe deserves an 8.6 out of 10.

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Heal your knees to walk through with confidence

Above 50 years of age and struggling from the nagging knee pain? Well, you are not on your own. In UK, out of each and every five adults above 50 years, one is struggling from osteoarthritic knee discomfort. There may be a number of factors for knee pain. It could be a past damage. Numerous people might have endured an damage whilst enjoying in the higher school football group, which takes the form of osteoarthritis at 50. Insufficient intake of calcium rich food like milk, curd, fruits etc. may lead to the exact same. The women are more prone to this. They ought to improve their calcium intake. If still insufficient, then should consider calcium supplements to make up for that.

What to do for knee pain

The quality of bones depends on the quality and quantity of calcium intake in the childhood. If that is insufficient, then the probabilities of knee weakness rises manifolds. On the other hand, even after proper calcium intake people can endure from osteoarthritis. Individuals of sports activities track record are the evident example. They endure from a situation known as runners knee. Until recently, there had been no proper knee discomfort treatment. Medication or surgery had been the two options. Sustained medication gave some relief, however, it led to numerous aspect effects. Surgery is also a prolonged and costlier procedure. Kneease brings to you a good news in this direction. It is a battery operated, certified health-related device which can be applied straight at the stage of pain at the push of a button. The operating principal is that is blocks the discomfort sign to the brain which are carried through the vibration sensors of the physique. Exact frequency vibration applied straight to the stage of discomfort then nullifies the pain sign and therefore brings relief to the affected person.

The device was initial created for treating the tennis elbow situation. After it has been in a position to successfully give discomfort relief to this kind of patients, it is now applied in treating knee discomfort treatment. Knee discomfort can be caused by a number of factors. Kneease is being successfully being used to give discomfort relief to all this kind of pains. Over 98% of the patients utilizing Kneease have been noted to have been beneficial from this fantastic device. You are advised to seek advice from your health-related practitioner before utilizing it. Created by a top orthopaedic surgeon and his group after seven years of dedicated, targeted and untiring effort, the device has been successful in providing discomfort relief to many patients world broad. This item is distributed by Medical Light Engineering Ltd. And Bonemed.

Medical Light is one of the premium manufacturers of pain relief equipments in Uk. Their sustained effort and investment in research and technologies has resulted in this in development of a number of effective discomfort relieving gadgets which are being used in different parts of the globe. If you are struggling from runners knee or any other knee situation use Kneease for relief without ant aspect effects and surgery. Accessible at affordable cost, this device has long battery life, which of course depends on use. So for cost effective discomfort relief use Kneease and get going.

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A brief History of Soda Popsoft Drinks

As early as 1770, equipment was invented by a chemist (Bergman) and a scientist (Priestly) which saturated water with carbon dioxide. The result was called ‘soda water'; a term coined in 1798, regardless of the fact that the beverage was sans soda. It was marketed as mineral water and it’s benefits were glorified. It was supposed to have healing properties, just like it’s natural counterpart. There is conflicting information regarding the inception of the term ‘soda pop’, but it would seem that somewhere between 1840 and 1861, when flavors were added to seltzer water (another term for soda water), the two words were combined. These beverages were also referred to as ‘soft drinks’ as opposed to hard, which contained liquor.

The first British patent for the method of infusing water with Co2, was given to Henry Thompson in 1807. The first soda fountain was established in 1819 in Europe, but was much more of a success in America. In the halcyon days of soda fountains, soda jerks were popular guys in town. They got their name because they had to jerk the handle that released the carbonated water into the now-iconic ice cream soda, which was sold for the first time in 1874. In the early part of the twentieth century, soda fountains were staples in drug stores, department stores, five and dimes, and train stations. The soda fountain reached it’s pinnacle in the 1940’s and ’50’s.

In the roaring twenties when all things automatic were en-vogue, a vending machine was produced which would automatically dispense soda pop into cups. In 1923 Hom Paks were distributed; a six pack of soda in cartons; this was great for flappers-on-the-go.

The first aluminum cans were used in 1957 and it took forty-two years for the vending machine to evolve from cups to cans (1965). Until 1962, the only way to drink your soda was with the aide of a can opener; it was then that the pull-ring tab was marketed through the Pittsburgh Brewing Company. Ten years later, the stay-on tab was invented.

Seemingly, 1981 is the year of the last big inventions in the soda business. Some forward thinking yuppies decided to create the talking vending machine; this was two-hundred and eleven years after the invention of carbonated water.

As for specific types of soft drinks, the oldest one is ginger ale which was created in Ireland in 1851. The well-to-do set thought it was vulgar and slang-ish to call it pop, or soda pop, so they referred to it as ginger champagne, or the one that stuck, ginger ale. In 1876 root beer was initially mass produced for public sale. The first cola flavored sodas were marketed in 1881, and the one in the reddish-brown can was first distributed in 1885. One year later the one in the red can was created. The blue can came twelve years later in 1898. The Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime soda was introduced to a tongue-tied America in 1929. Calorie-conscious citizens didn’t enjoy the first diet soft drink (The No-Cal Beverage), until 1952. However, if you didn’t like ginger ale you were stuck with sugar until seven years later in 1959, when the first diet cola was sold.

In restaurants and bars today, soda is mixed in fairly the same way that it was when your friendly neighborhood jerk was behind the counter. Co2 is pumped from a tank and mixed with flavored water. But, if you get thirsty and there’s no establishment in sight, find a vending machine. There are almost three million of them dedicated to your favorite bubbly beverages.

Experts are now linking health problems to the consumption of soda. Like many other things in history which were once thought of as healthy or at least not harmful, the seemingly benign soda pop (which will probably very soon have a warning label on the can), has turned out to be detrimental as well. It keeps company with butter, cigarettes, saccharin , booze, etc.; in searching for things to make us feel better, we found ways to ultimately make us feel worse.

It is doubtful that the end is near, however, for our beloved soda-pop, for there are ingenious people out there researching and creating and doing things like putting vitamin C and antioxidants into the beverage. A soda revolution could be on the horizon, and this writer will embrace it, just as she presently embraces an icy-cold can of a fizzy diet cola.

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Beer Review Carlsberg Special Brew

Preferred tipple of the downtrodden…or, more accurately, the down-and-out Carlsberg Special Brew has got a bit of a reputation. Nowadays, Buckie seems to be the choice of the young juice-head, and CSB is seen as more of an old dosser’s drink. Is this fair? Probably.

It’s not a drink I would normally put anywhere near these ruby-reds, but while working down in Nottingham last week, some kind previous occupant of the flat I was staying in had kindly left a can or two in the fridge. Not one to look a gift fridge in the mouth (and having ran out of beer myself) , I nonchalantly popped open one of those cans. Was this such a good idea? Let’s find out.

Carlsberg was first launched in 1847 when Captain J.C.Jacobsen, plotted a course “to develop the art of making beer to the greatest possible degree of perfection”. It was the first brewery to produce lager in Northern Europe.
An interesting fact is that Yeast selection in the Carlsberg laboratory led to the isolation of the world’s first single-cell culture in 1883. Since then, all lager yeasts have been known as ‘Carlsbergensis’. Ok, it wasn’t that interesting at all.

Here’s another though: Some of the company’s original logos include an elephant and the swastika. The swastika was ditched in the 1930s…not sure why.

various mergers (takeovers) have resulted in Carlsberg becoming one of the largest brewers in the world…probably.

Carlsberg Special Brew was first produced in 1950 to commemorate Winston Churchill’s visit to Copenhagen.

But enough fiffle-faffle and fact-based trivia, what is the stuff actually like?

This beer pours a golden, straw colour with a good initial head of white fluffy foam, but this soon dissipates and leaves very little lace on the glass 9I don’t expect lacing on glasses is much of a consideration for most SB drinkers though). The aroma is all alcohol. There may be some fruity hops in there with traces of pineapple and honey, a sheaf or two of hay-like dryness, but it’s more like a bath-tub of illicit gin than beer.

It has a highly carbonated, some may say gassy mouthfeel and the initial taste is slightly sweet. This doesn’t last long though being overwhelmed by the intense alcohol bite. There’s a little leafy bitterness and some hints of grass (not the good kind) and some peppery spiciness. It turns increasingly dry in the finish and leaves a fierce, alcoholic aftertaste. I may be way off the beam here, but is it just me, or does this stuff taste of soap?

At 9% ABV, this is gash. Pure unadulterated kidney waste, it’s a misnomer calling this pap beer. If it looks like beer, and pours like beer, then it must be beer, right? Technically, I suppose that’s true, but this is alcohol that could just as easily be delivered in shot glasses or whatever. Y’know, the worst thing is, there’re plenty of quality beers out there (like Duvel etc) that deliver as high, if not higher alcohol content but they don’t taste of alcohol, just beer. They probably aren’t all that much more expensive either.

In short, this stuff is rank rotten and the jakeys are welcome to it.

Would I drink it again? – Probably…NOT!

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