Removing Tonsil Stones – What is Effective Way to Cure

Removing tonsil stones is not as easy as it sounds. No simple conventional medication is available for successful eradication of the disease. Only surgical excision along with removal of the affected tonsil (tonsillectomy) is the best option available in the allopathic system of medicine. Chinese herbal therapy is getting popular for permanent eradication of the disease. We shall discuss about them in this article.

But first, let us have some idea about how the tonsil stones occur in our throat. Tonsils are two pink colored, small fleshy tissues present over the back of the throat. They form the initial segment of our immune system as they are filled up with lymphocytes. These lymphocytes have a power to neutralize the invading organisms like bacteria and viruses. When our body experiences any assault from the air or the food, the invaders are captured in the tonsillar tissues. Immediately the lymphocytes are released and the intruders are killed. In this process, tonsil gets inflamed and the patient experiences pain in the throat and malaise. Some experience flu like symptom also. With recurrent infections, the dead organisms along with the dead tonsillar cells are accumulated in the tonsillar crypts. Minerals like calcium and magnesium salts are also deposited within this accumulated mass producing a solid structure which we recognize as tonsil stone. After some time, the central part of the tonsil stone gets putrefactive leading to release of foul smelling gases like hydrogen sulfide and methyl mercaptan. These are the source of bad breath in patient with tonsil stone.

Regular brushing with good quality toothpaste and cleaning of tongue can prevent the formation of tonsil stone. But they cannot reduce the size of a giant stone. At present, no medical management in allopathic system of medicine can cure tonsil stone. Nasal sprays, nasal drops and pain killers can suppress the symptoms for a while. As the patient discontinues the medications, the symptoms recur in no time. Only surgical excision of the tonsil stone with or without tonsillectomy is the definitive method of management.

Recently, Chinese system of herbal therapy is gaining popularity for effective and permanent removing of tonsil stones. It addresses the root cause of the disease and therefore, this method is so successful. It is a 3-step simple medication procedure that does not warrant difficult dietary feelers. The simplicity of the treatment is the beauty of this method. Many people around the world have successfully cured from tonsil stone after undertaking Chinese herbal therapy.

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